Twin River Bank

BUSINESS LOANS   At Twin River National Bank, we believe that local businesses and professionals are the foundation of our communities.  That is why we are dedicated to providing you expertise, resources and services you need to be successful and prosper.  Our experienced loan officers combine competitive interest rates and flexible terms designed specifically to help YOUR BUSINESS achieve YOUR GOALS.  Because loan decisions are made locally we provide a fast response and you are in direct contact with the decision makers.

BUSINESS FINANCIAL INFORMATION - When you are ready to visit with a loan officer about your business needs you may want to bring the following financial information with you:
Yearend Business Financial Statement Individual Financial Statements ( owners) 
Interim year-to-date Business Financial Statement Personal Tax Returns (past 3 years
Business Tax Returns (past 3 years) FINANCIAL STATEMENT FORM: 
Click below to download an excel file or you may use your own computer generated form if detailed.
Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Aging
Equipment & Vehicle List Financial Statement Excel File
Also bringing in a couple of months of bank account statements will help us analyze your checking account so we can make a bid on that business at the same time.

BUSINESS LINE OF CREDIT:  Increase inventory, fund short term cash flow needs and manage timing differences between sales and collection activities with a revolving Business Line of Credit.  Monthly interest payments, flexible terms and quick local decision making ensure your loan will be there when you need it.  Pay interest only on the amount advanced on the line of credit monthly.

BUSINESS EQUIPMENT TERM LOAN: Whether you are looking to expand your business, purchase capital equipment, or need permanent working capital, a term loan is a convenient long-term financing option.

SHORT-TERM BUSINESS LOAN: If you have a specific short-term business need with a corresponding repayment source, a Short-Term Business Loan is a great way to finance without tapping into savings or using your Business Line of Credit.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: At Twin River National Bank we have a loan for all of your commercial real estate needs. We offer traditional owner occupied real estate loans and can also help you with the construction of your own business building.

SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (SBA) LOANS: We can provide quick decision-making and streamlined processing of Small Business Administration Loans. A variety of loan programs are available to purchase equipment, provide permanent working capital, or to finance the purchase of a business, purchase, construct or remodel commercial real estate. A variety of terms are available depending upon your specific type of business need.

Geographic Limitations - Our primary lending area has been the Lewis-Clark Valley since 1979. 
We will also accept applications within 100 miles of the nearest branch.